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Anne-Julie Vallée
Consultant & Facilitator

Design Thinking & Co-creation


"Design Thinking as a tool to improve our human experience, HX.

Empathy & creativity as agents of change & innovation."  

Does your company encounters the same problems over & over again? 🤯 

Does your team keep raising the same flags? 🚩🚩🚩

You want to solve this once and for all? Here I am! ✅


I will help you: 

Find a durable solution to your issue ✨

Solidify your team's cohesion with co-creative work practices💪

Innovate using new collaborative methods 🤝

Improve productivity all the while having fun doing it 🥳

All with the power of Design Thinking!💡


Contact me for a free consultation to determine how I can be of help to you! 💻

WHAT is Design Thinking ? 

It's a problem-solving methodology based on empathy. Using co-creation workshops, we tap into collective intelligence to come up with better-suited solutions.

Design Thinking uses human experience as the center of solution co-creation. It's a good example of social technology as it encourages human-centered innovation.

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HOW do we do Design Thinking?  

1) We discuss & assess your problem-solving needs:  

  • What is the issue?

  • In what context does it present itself?

  • What do you want to accomplish with this approach?

  • Do you have any idea of the timeline
    to achievement a result?

2) I offer you an action plan adapted to your needs: Whether it is 1 introductory workshop, ideation or a complete Design Thinking process covering all the stages, we will find a solution!

3) We collaborate!


All together in a room set-up for this purpose.


Remotely 💻  

Through the use of virtual tools for which I will guide you.

  • A methodology: because we investigate a problem through a series of specific steps. I accompany your team along the way! 

  • Empathy: because we investigate a problem from your user/client/customer's point of view.

  • Collective intelligence : because bringing together a wide variety of perspectives allows for a well-suited solution that lasts in time. 

  • Workshops: a new, productive and effective way to work in teams. We focus on doing instead of debating!


Yes! I use grigris to create safe places where I foster sharing ideas in a non-judgmental spirit 😉 

What about ME?

  • A multidisciplinary artist, I hold a Masters degree in Design from prestigious Central Saint Martins College of Art & Design in London.
    This is where I fell in love with Human-Centered Design and Design Thinking. It has been my vocation for 10 years now!

  • I worked 20 years in the field of organization, management, production and logistics of international cultural events, multimedia and artistic projects. It sharpened my sense of problem solving and "knowing how to work together"!

  • I love people and their complexity!
    Innovating, creating and working differently all have one thing in common: it requires being vulnerable. This is why I make sure with you to create a "safe place", a sacred space conducive to exchange and experimentation.


  • I consider my role as a facilitator to be one of support. My intention in working with you is to be present, to help you learn a new way of working and navigate the discomfort that it can cause ...
    to CELEBRATE the resulting successes with you!

Every problem has a solution:

Let's discover yours together!

WHY work with me?


To solve problems and innovate

in a spirit of sharing and fun!

For my creativity, my empathy,
my listening & my dynamism.

No matter what field your work in or what

the issue you want to solve, Design Thinking

can help you:

Imagine a product, tool or service ✅  

Promote team cohesion ✅

Reinvent a system 

Improve hiring procedures 

... There is no limit!

And that's not just for IT or business!

My sweet spot? 💗

To help organizations in the fields of:


Discover my work & my style 😎

Capture d’écran, le 2021-10-27 à 16.00.49.png

A picture is worth a thousand words

Capture d’écran, le 2021-10-26 à 14.00_edited.jpg

Why dominoes ?

  • Calls for collaboration

  • Introduces the concept of logistical chain : cause/effect 

  • Bring an element of play

Why ink & colour?

  • Calls for creativity

  • Practices sketching & sharing ideas spontaneously

  • Brings an element of play

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